Mikhail & Inessa Garmash

MICHAEL AND INESSA GARMASHMIKHAIL and INESSA GARMASH - Michael and Inessa Garmash have created beautiful paintings, stained-glass windows, mosaics and drawings exhibited all over Europe.

Michael Garmash began a painting of their daughter for a project at school several years after their marriage. However, their two-year-old found the painting during his absence and painted her own version of the subject. Inessa Garmash, not wanting Michael to be upset, fixed the painting, packed it up and gave it to him to submit. Michael handed the painting over for review and was told it was his best work ever. He was surprised to see the "new" painting and immediately recognized his wife's hand.

Since then, Michael and Inessa Garmash have worked together creating paintings, stained-glass windows, mosaics and drawings. They have exhibited in Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium and Finland. They continue working with their daughter Polina as a model and occasionally include themselves in their compositions.


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